What is it ?

BRIQUOLO is a breakout with 3D representation based on OpenGL.

What do I need ?

BRIQUOLO has been developed to be portable, and it has ben tested under GNU/Linux and Windows. A graphic card with 3D acceleration is recommended. It should be installed with a working OpenGL implementation.

Who do I contact?

I, of course ! For any information, suggestion, bug report... mail me (replace _LL_ by @).

What tools have been used to create BRIQUOLO ?

The code has been written with GNU Emacs. The textures have been created with the Gimp. All 3D objects have been modelled with Blender.

How to translate BRIQUOLO ?

The translation use GNU Gettext. So, to translate BRIQUOLO you need to translate the file po/briquolo.pot (provided with the sources). However names of groups of levels must be tranlated aside. Every subdirectory of data/tableau is a group and contains a file named description. In this file, one line (in UTF8) by language allows to define the name of the group.