Linux (and other Unix ?)

Installation from sources :


and as root :

make install

You can specify parameters with configuration. To know all available parameters :

./configure --help


The sources can be compiled under Windows. But it's not easy with this plateform, so there are binary packages.

Download the last BRIQUOLO version for windows (, and the dll ( (250 KB)) which could be missing on your computer. Uncompress the .zip file, et put the dll in the same directory as Briquolo.exe.


Always available

F12 -> Screenshot

Movements in menus

UP, DOWN -> Move focus
RIGHT, LEFT -> Change the selected value of a choice / Change a number
RETURN -> Activate a button / Change the selected value of a choice
ESC -> Quit menu / Return to the preceding menu

During game

Mouse move -> Move the bar
LEFT BUTTON -> Start ball
C -> Change camera
ESC -> Pause and menu

While level edition

An edition panel allow to define:

I -> Move cursor up
K -> Move cursor down
J -> Move cursor left
L -> Move cursor right
SPACE -> Add / Delete an element
+ and - (from keypad) -> Change element between stacked elements
ESC -> Pause and menu

Levels can be loaded and saved in the menu accessible with ESC. Levels are saved in the directory $HOME/.briquolo/tableau (or in the directory $HOMEPREOFILE\Briquolo\tableau under Windows). Furthermore levels are loaded by priority (in the game and with the editor) in this directory, so a level can be replaced without being lost.
Levels are orginised by groups. A group is a directory in which there are the associated levels. A description can be associated to the group in the file 'description' placed in the directory of the group.

Elements Option

Some elements can be parametrized with an option lineof the following form : option1=value1 option2=value2 ...