10/29/2010 - Update WEB site

New CSS.

03/24/2008 - New version

With BRIQUOLO-0.5.7 the window is not in fullscreen by default. There is also some improvements about error messages, and the choice of resolution. Thanks to Bernhard Kaindl for the patches.

04/18/2006 - New version

BRIQUOLO-0.5.6 brings a new translation (Finn, thanks Eero Tamminen). The window can now be freely resized: it should help multihead users. Furthermore, it fixes some bugs (problem of bad mouse move detection, problem of font drawing after window resizing under Windows...).

01/29/2006 - New version

BRIQUOLO-0.5.5 brings small code cleanups (from Philipp Thomas and Anthony Mercatante). Furthermore, Windows binaries are back with this version.

08/24/2005 - New version

BRIQUOLO-0.5.4 brings a new translation (slovak, thanks Pavol Cvengros), a limitation of the acceleration of the ball and the correction a compilation bug with gcc-4.

04/23/2005 - New version

BRIQUOLO-0.5.3 brings three new translations : German (Stefan Dirsch), Polish (Artur R. Sierp) and Portuguese (Helder Correia). Furthermore, BRIQUOLO is now added to the desktop's menu at the time of the installation.

03/01/2005 - New version

BRIQUOLO-0.5.2 brings Unicode support. Translations are no more limited to Latin character sets. So, you can find two new languages: Russian and Belarussian (thank you Gleb Stiblo)! This new feature use SDL_ttf. You need this library to compile BRIQUOLO-0.5.2

If your language is not yet present, you can make the translation and send it to me, it's very simple.

With this version you can also find an SVG icon (data/briquolo.svg). You can see it on the top of the page.

02/01/2005 - Configuration script corrected

A bug in the ./configure script has been corrected in BRIQUOLO-0.5.1.

12/12/2004 - New release

After more than one year, here is a new version : BRIQUOLO-0.5.
The main new feature is the collision system that allow to have moving bricks, and free form bricks. Levels are now organised by groups. This new version also corrects the compilation bug under gcc-3.4. And lastly there are some little improvements like those brought by D.Mills (invertion of water flow, increase water level, and two colors for bonus and mallus), or the vibration of the camera when a little brick explode.

31/10/2003 - New release

Release of BRIQUOLO-0.4.2. This version corrects two small mistakes in the dutch translation.

19/10/2003 - New release

Release of BRIQUOLO-0.4.1. This version offers a dutch translation, and allow to change the sensibility of the mouse and the keyboard. The change of view to the subjective one is now progressive. Some bugs have been fixed.

07/27/2003 - English version of the web site and new release of BRIQUOLO

Release of BRIQUOLO-0.4. This version remove the subjective view from views accessible by the C key, and offer it as a new bonus (or mallus...). This version allow to run the game without the make install, although it is still recommended.

05/25/2003 - Bug fix

Release of BRIQUOLO-0.3.1. This should correct libraries detection problem, and compilation with gcc 3

05/14/2003 - Creation of the WEB site

Creation of the WEB site and first public release of BRIQUOLO.